Cheers to a New Year!

Happy New Year!  Here’s a brief update on some of the many bookings we wrapped up 2015 with…

Ghosts, Ghouls, and True Crimes! Actors Star in Two of Television’s Most Tantalizing Chillers

Mike Lemon Casting recently teamed up with Investigation Discovery’s “Epic Mysteries” and The Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” over the past few months to cast some of America’s most thrilling encounters. Actors got to play amateur ghost-hunters and paranormal enthusiasts in Virginia while others had the chance to shoot true crime re-enactments locally in Philadelphia. Do you have an ear for urban legends or are you a CSI enthusiast? Get on file with us to participate in our continuing casting for both series!

Talent Finds Success in Commercial Advertisements

A diverse list of clients sought out talented individuals to promote their businesses, providing opportunities in several industries including entertainment, sales, and healthcare. Over the past few months, some “won big” with Draft Kings, an online platform for fantasy sports lovers, and others scored their dream ride with a local Mercedes car dealer. A few of the numerous commercials we cast recently were for local medical centers, a flooring company, and United Healthcare.

“Training Day”: Industrial Video Provides Opportunities for Actors

Talent at Mike Lemon Casting landed promising gigs in the genre of industrial video—many starring as skilled doctors and high-powered executives. Mastering complex language and industry jargon, our actors were cast for Sales Training and Medical Training videos for several companies. These instructional videos provided an excellent opportunity to not only gain acting experience, but also to educate rising professionals across many different industries. Videos were used to instruct both domestic and international audiences.

Off-Screen Triumphs: Voice Actors Book Big

Strong, crisp voices continued to fill our in-house recording studio this winter. Our talent narrated web and television spots, corporate training videos, as well as pharmaceutical projects. We also cast voiceovers promoting admissions and athletics at the University of Madison and Texas A&M University, among many others.

All of us at Mike Lemon Casting are looking forward to a busy 2016. Now is a good time to make sure your contact info, photos, and resumes are up to date and ready to be considered for upcoming projects.  

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